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Installation & Maintenance

Since the foundation of our company, we have evolved into a full-service industrial contractor. We have achieved many projects for clients in many states and countries. Throughout our history, the company has consistently endeavored to provide the service the way our customers desire. Our first priority is to give the customers the product they want, done in the method they desire, and installed in a way that fits within their schedule and budget.

Tarazi LLC is

active in all types of industrial construction that have machinery installation or maintenance included in the project scope. We have successfully completed both small and large projects, with clients ranging from single-man shops to largest companies.

We will use original spare parts for maintenance and to repair every element of the machine we have supplied to you. If they are no longer available (e.g. caused by discontinuation of products, etc.) we will offer you replacement parts which are always available.
We Provide

Execution and production will be carried out by our service team.
Immediate preparation of cost estimates including price limits for components and assemblies.
Repair of your external installation or compo spare parts service.
Quick and binding information about delivery times.
Packaging and shipment on demand.
Individual advice on spare parts for your requirements. This will ensure safe production and avoid unnecessary breakdown costs.
Technical support where you can reach our service team during offices hours.

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