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After-Sales Services

We provide support to customers after the product or service has already been purchased. We provide many after sale services like warranty service, training, or repair for a product.

Pre-Installation services

When we perform hardware and equipment staging and configuration prior to installation at your facility, we are not only able to work quickly and efficiently, but also we eliminate disruption to your business during this time. We can perform real-time tests of your equipment and verify all hardware, software and programs are functioning as expected. This assures us fast and easy installation at your site and guarantees you’re up and running in less time and with fewer cost.

Warranty services

Our customers are provided with warranty replacement or repairing of the device for any problem.

Online support

Our company have started providing online support for any of the product related inquiries. There is a dedicated helpline for customer service where in the grievance redressal mechanism is carried out according to the standard procedure of the company. The customer may call the online support or start a chat to discuss the problem and get it resolved.

Return / Replacement

For a Limited period of time companies provide free replacement of the product in case of any queries. However, this service is carried out within certain terms and conditions. In some cases, replacement may be of the entire device, or in other cases, replacement may be only of the defective part.
In case of returns, the product is returned to the company and the customer is issued with either the store credit or replaced product or the amount is refunded. The rules may vary according to the company. For example, Amazon after sales service provides returns for almost all products but a replacement for the limited products.

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